Tuesday, February 12, 2013

...I thought of something different.

I admit. I've been having a hard time updating my blog since I ran out of ideas of what to write about. I have also been a little busy in my academics because the famous Hell Days are about to start and the exams and papers would instantly demand a lot of time, therefore losing time for my "blog life". :(

Anyways, so getting back to my point, I thought of posting this because I ran out of first time experiences to share. So to resolve this petty problem, an idea came to my mind and just post about anything interesting, regardless if it is a first time encounter or not. Therefore, starting on my next post maybe, I'll just blog about anything I guess. Haha. Am I clear? Or I just said too much?

Okay. So that's about it. Wish me luck for my Love Month turned into Hell Month!

I'll try to update you guys tomorrow for my Valentine's Day post. :)


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