Sunday, November 4, 2012

...Isha told me to create a blog

It all began when Isha, my teammate, told me to create a blog.

At first, I had no intention of doing what she requested. Why would I bother blogging and announcing to the whole world about my personal life anyway? As if anyone would care. Pfft. :P
Also, I am not really into writing.. I write stuff as short as I could (at least I think I do)
So I thought that the blogging stuff is not "me".

But when I got home, I got kind of curious. I mean, it wouldn't hurt to try, would it? Who knows? I might be able to express the "inner me". =D haha. (even if nobody would really have to read this, at least I've released the thoughts) And maybe I'll learn to love it, too. :)

So here goes nothing! ThePurpleStar, now entering the world of Blogger! :)

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