Sunday, January 6, 2013

...the clock striked 12.

Well, this is unusual..

During this important night, we should be celebrating, singing songs in the karaoke, eating a lot of delicious food cooked by our one and only Uncle Chef.

What happened? Well... Our Aunts didn't come home like they do every year.. They're probably the ones who bring all the fun and enjoyment during this season.. And now they're not here, silence is what filled our home..

Now, there I was, sitting on a chair, playing Clue with my little brother, when suddenly, the fireworks began to spread across the black sky.

I looked at my phone to check the time. Oh dear! 7 minutes left 'til midnight! My brother and I hurriedly finished the game, and for the third time, he was one turn away from beating me. Oh brother. Haha. Then, there was a minute left. One last minute to run where our cousins were.

And then, we jumped!

Jump - that was the first thing we did during the first minute of 2013. That marked the beginning of a new year. And it all began when the clock striked 12.

Happy new year, everyone! Together let's hope for a very merry 2013 - less chaos, more fun, less problems, more love. :)

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